5D design

We use to think about space as a 3D entity: XYZ. Someone says that time is the fourth dimension of the discipline whose subject is the organization of space, i.e. architecture. Someone else even says that time is the first dimension of space.

What most matters to us at Cerquiglini Rossi Studio about time is its turning into story, narration. And even the theories of relativity and of quantum support us, sta- ting that the first state of reality is not so much the body as much as the field, where the observer with his own sensations is immersed.

Further than spaces, sceneries, set ups, exhibitions, installations, products, objects, we design experiences that we turn into reality, everywhere in the world, thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

And then, we like to think that architecture has even a fifth dimension, light, that – perhaps – is the first one. At least for us, light is not as a collateral element, but the essential design factor.

Since 1995, we work not only with rule and pencil, but most of all with our heart. That’s the only way to arouse emotions.